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Keynote speakers

(in order of appearance)

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Kellie Carey
Roy Hill

Kellie is a results driven and self-motivated leader and facilitator of positive change in the mining sector. She has a demonstrated passion for consistently meeting and exceeding the desired level of results with a commitment to continuous improvement, maintaining a high level of focus, intensity, and drive. Throughout her career, Kellie has demonstrated a proven track record of accomplishment in supporting a diverse and inclusive team in the delivery of key outcomes, maintaining an improvement-based approach to operational growth, whilst facilitating a strong safety focus throughout all operations.

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Dr Newton Campbell Jr.

Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium

Dr. Newton Campbell Jr. is the Director of Space Programs at the Australian Remote Operations for Space and Earth (AROSE) Consortium. With roots in US DoD research, especially with DARPA, he has over a decade's experience spearheading DoD technological advancements in Internet Privacy, IoT, and Cyber-Physical Systems. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Nova Southeastern University, he later championed AI initiatives at NASA Langley Research Center. Renowned in the US for STEM outreach, Dr. Campbell advises esteemed organizations on Space, Climate Change, and AI Ethics. He represents young tech leaders in global foundations, advocating for Space and AI innovations.

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